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Science Fairs cont:

Cool Cosmos - Learn about Infrared.

Dancing Raisins for Science Experiment!

Discovery brimming with science projects - Eighty-three experiments are to be performed aboard the shuttle Discovery...

Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge -Science Fair Central - Discovery Channel School.

DocFizzix - Your official mousetrap powered car...

Earthquake Science Fair Project Ideas - Earthquake prediction...

Energy & Science Projects - World's First Science Project Recycling Experiment...

Exploratorium, The - The museum of science, art and human perception.

Exploratorium Snack - Exploratorium Science Snacks.

Global Water Sampling Project - Comparing the water quality of your local river, stream, lake or pond with other fresh water sources around the world. - Science Fair Center. 

Journey North - An online science education project in which students track spring's journey across the northern hemisphere.

Lawrence Hall of Science Interactive Showcase.

LCRA - Delivering electricity, managing the water supply and environment of the lower Colorado River basin,

Louisiana Region 5 Science & Engineering Fair - Ideas!

Make It Solar; Science Fair Projects - Information for solar energy science fair projects... - An online resource for Manduca Sexta, also known as the Tobacco Horn Worm.

Massachusetts State Science Fair - One hypothesis...

MicroWorlds - Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source.

NAISEF - The National American Indian 5th-12th grades...

Neuroscience for Kids - Intended for elementary and secondary school students and teachers...

Open Neuroscience for Kids - Successful Science Fair Projects. By Lynne Bleeker.

Parks College Parachute Research Group - Basic research on the aerodynamics of parachutes.

Project Ideas Using Mushrooms and Fungi - Mushroom growing offers endless possibilities for science projects and experiments.

Robot - Reviews of robotics books, plus robot kits, movies, magazines, and toy robots.

Science Fair Central - Discovery Channel School...

Science Fair Primer - This primer is written to help my students develop science fair projects.

Science Fair Projects - with Solar Energy.

Science Fair Project Idea - Kid science fair projects Ideas...

Science Fair Project - School Science Project Idea..

Science Fair Projects with Mushrooms - Home Mushroom Cultivation with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Science Fair - Canada Wide Science Fair.

Science Olympiad National - The official Web Site of The National Science Olympiad Committee.

Science Projects with Toy Parachutes - By Dr. Jean Potvin.

Siemens Foundation - Provides scholarships and awards...

Super Science Fair Projects - Guide to Science Fair Projects, Topics and Experiments..

The Exploratorium - The museum of science, art and human perception.

The Science Page - If You are Hooked on Science.

The Space Place - Make a balloon-powered miniature asteroid rover from styrofoam meat or produce trays.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library - Science Fairs...

Thinking Fountain! - Science Museum of Minnesota..

UCAR, NCAR, and UOP - Dedicated to understanding the atmosphere—the air around us...

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program - Science Fair Project Ideas.

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