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American Journal of Botany - Botanical Society of America. - All papers Titles Authors Abstracts Full text Help pages Open access to 364,938 e-prints...

Belstein Dictionary - For users of the Beilstein Handbook of Organic.

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets - The epithets are largely taken from alpine plants...

Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conversions - This provides a summary of most of the units of measurement...

Directory of Open Access Journals - Free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian - Resources on subjects from Art to Zoology.

Geology and Earth Science - Current Events - Articles - Maps - News.

Geology and Earth Science Definitions - Consult our geology dictionary for definitions...

High-Tech Dictionary - Search for thousands of technology terms.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Nine Planets Glossary

Martindale's - The Reference Desk.

Martindales's Calculators On-Line Center - Physcis, Astorphysics & Astronomy.

National Science Digital Library -Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

ScienceDaily - Botany

ScienceDaily - Today's Top Science News.

Science Reference Services (Library of Congress)

UCMP Glossary

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