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or·ni·thol·o·gy (ôrn-thl-j)

1. The branch of zoology that deals with the study of birds.
orni·tho·logic (-th-ljk) or orni·tho·logi·cal (--kl) adj.
orni·tho·logi·cal·ly adv.
orni·tholo·gist n.

Alberta's Endangered Species - Learn what it means when a species is 'endangered?'

All about Birds - Birds are warm-blooded vertebrate animals...

Amber Habib's Bird Page

American Bald Eagle - The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), our national bird...

Bird Images Gallery - Large gallery of photos.

Bird of Prey - Photos of birds of prey that can be seen in the western United States.

Bird Photographs - Listed as threatened in the Red Data Book of Japan.

Bird Songs - Songs and calls of some New York State birds.

BirdSource - Insight into the dynamics of North American Bird populations.

Birds - Cornell Lab - We believe that bird enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels can and do make a difference.

Birds of Prey - Photos and information about birds of prey of North America.

CalPhotos - Browse Birds.

Castlebury Wild Bird Photography - Original Bird Photographs by Bobby Castlebury.

CREAGRUS @ Monterey Bay - Don Roberson, Featuring Bird Familie...

East Coast Birds! - Close your eyes and imagine the sounds and sights of Canada's East Coast.

Falconry - Falconry is an art.

FLMNH - Photo Gallery of Southeastern U. S.

GA/FL Bird Photos - Presented by B.J. Bergstrom.

Greg Lasley Photography - Devoted to a variety of birding...

Introduction to the Aves - The vertebrate class Aves includes the birds...

Kentucky Ornithological Society

Knutsford Ornithology - The Birds and Birders of Knutsford North-west England.

Operation RubyThroat - Collaborate to study behavior and distribution of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris).

Owls of the World - Hundreds of pictures and info about Owls.

Photographs of Birds and Mammals - Seen in Madagascar in 1998.

South-East Asian Birds - Photo Gallery-by Christian Artuso.

The Owl Pages - ...sheds some light on these mysterious creatures...

The Raptor Center - Raptor Facts brief information sheets...

The Raptor Center - The University of Minnesota.

Unusual Birds In Wisconsin - These identifications are made pending review...

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