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en·to·mol·o·gy (nt-ml-jButterfly or Moth

1. The scientific study of insects.
ento·mo·logic (-m-ljk) or ento·mo·logi·cal (--kl) adj.
ento·mo·logi·cal·ly adv.
ento·molo·gist n.

PestWorld for Kids

Steve's Aussie Spider Pics - Kids, don't try this at home, spiders can and will bite, if provoked.

3D Insects -See insects without a microscope.

AES Bug Club Home Page - Do you want to cuddle a Cockroach, stroke a Stick Insect or hug a Harvestman?

Africanized Bees in California - UCR research and extension on the Africanized Honey Bee.

Australia - Spiders

Brisbane Insects and Spiders - A study of insects and spiders near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Brown Recluse Spider - Photos and Observations.

Bug Food! - University of Kentucky Department of Entomology.

Bugscope - A resource to remotely operate a scanning electron microscope to image "bugs" at high magnification.

Butterflies of Ireland - A photographic guide to the Butterflies of Ireland.

Butterfly Conservatory,The - American Museum of Natural History - Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter.

Camel Spiders

Insect Anatomy - Find out what makes an insect an insect?

California Academy of Sciences

Creepy Crawlies - Everybody's left the house and you're by yourself.

Creepy-Crawlies - UK Safari - Close up photos and information about insects, spiders...

Damselflies & Dragonflies Photographs - (Odonata) of Georgia and the Southeast.

Department of Entomology - University of Kentucky.

Dragonflies Swedish - Dragonflies are very ancient insects...

Dynastes tityus - female "Eastern Hercules Beetle, Rhinoceros Beetle, Unicorn Beetle"

Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera - Butterflies and Moths...

Entomology Image Gallery -Ticks

Entomology Web Sites

Exotic Insects Gallery

Exotic, Guide to British Insects and other Invertebrates

Exotic Insects - Pbase.

Exotic Insects - Pbase a list.

Forensic - dedicted to the education of crime scene technicians, homicide investigators, coroners, medical examiners...

General Entomology Links - USFS Pacific Northwest Region, Forest Insects and Diseases.

Get This Bug Off of Me! - It's a natural reaction to be frightened of some insects.

History of Ants - The Ants of North America.

Honey Bee Care - An apiary is a bee farm, or a managed area of bee colonies.

Honey Bee Deaths - “what is killing honey bees”

Insects, Spiders, Mice and More - University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension in Lancaster.

Iowa State University - Image Gallery - A wealth of information about insects, their biology and control.

Japanese Ant Image Database

Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs) - This section is designed for teachers, 4-H'ers, young people...

Lady Beetles! - Lady beetles, also known as ladybird beetles or ladybugs...

Longhorn Beetles - Asian Longhorned Beetle

Malaysian butterflies

Monarch Watch - Dedicated to the study of the Monarch butterfly...

Monarchs and Migration - Explore Monarchs, butterflies, and the mystery of migration.

National Insect Collection - Worldwide in scope and consists of approximately 35 million specimens.

Neuroptera - Lacewings, Antlions, Dobsonflies, Alderflies, Snakeflies.

Neuroptera - Notes on Madagascar Neuroptera Fauna.

North American Insects and Spiders - Cirrus Digital Imaging.

NOVA Online - Tales from the Hive.

Predacious Ground Beetles - Belong to a large family of beneficial beetles called the Carabidae.

Rearing Caterpillars - There are over 140,000 species of Butterfly and Moth (Lepidoptera) in the World.

Spiders of Australia - Common spiders of Australia color photos and some informative text.

Spiders of NW-Europe - Spiders commonly found in NW-Europe...

Spiders of Vietnam

Stag Beetles of Taiwan - Stag beetles found on the island of Taiwan and others...

Tasty Insect Recipes - Tasty Insect Recipes As featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Texas A & M University - Discover Entomology

The Adventures of Herman - The autobiography of Squirmin' Herman the worm.

The American Tarantula Society - The Largest Arachnid Society In The World Tarantulas...

The Antlion Pit - A collection of resources related to the fascinating antlion, or "doodlebug."

The Butterfly Farmer - Why Butterfly Farming is important?

The Butterfly WebSite! - Learn more about the fascinating world of butterflies.

The Food Insects Newsletter, Inc. - You will never go hungry learn to cook & eat a bug.! - Butterfly topics.

Tiger Beetles of Nebraska - Voracious predators of the insect world.

University of Kentucky - Entomology for Kids.

University of Kentucky Entomology for Kids - Bugfood: Insect-themed Food.

Where Do Butterflies Come From? - It comes from a chrysalis (KRIS-uh-liss) which is also called a pupa.

Youth Entomology Resources - Entomology Education (and Fun!) for Kids and Teachers.

Ticks & Mites

Mites and Ticks - Mites are distributed throughout the world...

Rhipicephalus sanguineus - (the brown dog tick)

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