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bot·a·ny (btn-)n. pl.

1. a branch of biology dealing with plant life
a. the science or study of plants.
b. a book or scholarly work on this subject.
2. the plant life of a particular area: the botany of the Ohio River valley.
3. the characteristic features and biology of a particular kind of plant or plant group.

Aggie Horticulture - Texas A&M University Department of Horticultural Sciences.

American Forests - The nation's oldest nonprofit conservation organization.

Asexual Reproduction - Asexual reproduction...

Botany Department - National Museum of Natural History. - Botanical Society of America..

California Wildflowers - Look-up California wildflowers by color, common name, Latin name or family.

Colorado Extension - Extension is dedicated to serving current and future needs of Coloradans...

Desert Plants & Wildflowers - Desert USA.

Ethnobotany Database - Native American.

Evergreen Project Adventures - Biomes and Ecosystems of the world.

Farrand Lab - This lab is interested in the biology and the molecular biology of the plant pathogen, Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

Floral Radiographs - The Secret Garden.

Forestry Images - Forestry Images is a joint project of the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health....

Forest Insects and Diseases Photo Gallery - Pacific Northwest Region.

Galleria Carnivora - A museum of colour photographs of carnivorous plants.

Garden Organic - The organic organisation - organic gardening, farming & food.

Horticulture and Home Pest News - Season-specific information concerning plant pathology, horticulture and pests.

How to extract DNA from anything living - Using your blender and an onion, here's how you can extract some long strands of DNA.

Junior Master Gardener - An international youth gardening program...

Kids - National Geographic - Here you’ll encounter a variety of habitats...

KinderGARDEN - An introduction to the many ways children can interact with plants and the outdoors.

Landscape Plants - Images, Identification, and Information..

Plant Propagation - Earth-Kind.

Plants National Database - A site including a large database of plant names, a plant Photo Gallery...

Mold Terrarium - Make a Mold Terrariun and watch the mold grow.

Natural Resources Conservation Services - USDA Plants.

Smokey Bear - Bear facts, forest fun, coloring, and interactive games.

The Amazing Story of Kudzu - Max Shores - The Story of Kudzu..

The Pencil Pages - From trees to pencils. Incense Cedar Institute.

University of California - Peach Leaf Curl and Related Diseases.

University of Illinois Extension - Urban Programs Resource Network.

USDA - Learn about agriculture and farming.

US Wheat Genome Project - Decipher the chromosomal location and biological function of all genes in the wheat (Triticum spp.) genomes.

Vermicomposting  - The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl 'About'!

Weed Identification and Control - Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

Worm World - Discovery Kids.

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