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Red Ball

Puerto Rico Puerto RicoDove

HELP! Puerto Rico: Together Changing Paths
unicef - Puerto Rico

Netherlands Netherlands

Alles Kids - De mooiste en grootste binnenspeeltuin van het Maasland.

Chirojeugd Vlaanderen - Flanders has a remarkable tradition of youth movements. About a quarter million children and youngsters participate weekly in one of the various youth movements active in our part of the country.

Digimon Paradijs - De plek voor de echte Digimon fan / The place to be for the real Digimon fan - kleurplaten, achtergronden, wallpapers, animated gifs, bewegende plaatjes, coloring...

Disney Nederland

Kid City - Ho, ho, ho! Meiden, ik heb geweldig nieuws voor jullie!

KinderlandWeb - Basisschool Kinderland uit Kortrijk bied je een web aan met een internetproject, de schoolkrant, schoolvisie, Don Bosco afbeeldingen, werkwinkeluitwisseling...

Nederlands - Wikipedia -De vrije encyclopedie 86 000 + artikelen.

Nintendo - Welkom bij Nintendo Benelux.

Pokemon Paradijs - Alle info over Pokémon vind je hier. Over ruilkaarten en computerspellen.

Norway Norway

Disney Norge

New Zealand New Zealand

Kiwi Conservation Club - KCC is a Forest and Bird project for children. - The web site of the Internet Safety Group, a government supported entity committed to keeping our kids safe on the Net.

New Zealand Birds - New Zealand's biota was so strange that it would be dismissed as science fiction if the fossil record was not there to prove it.

New Zealand Department of Conservation - Te Papa Atawhai.

New Zealand Penguins - Information on the penguin species in New Zealand, their status and conservation. Also games, books, graphics and more.

Queensland Museum website - A virtual visit to Queensland's Museum of natural environment and cultural heritage.

Suzy, Suzy Cato - The official home for Suzy, Suzy Cato. Games, activities and information for pre-schoolers, caregivers, parents.

Waterworks, The - 4.7km along the "309" Road, near Coromandel Town. Formerly Waiau Water Works.

Panamá América Panama

Panamá América - National Geographic.

World Atlas - Map of Panama.


Disney Polska

Pi razy Żaba - Przewodnik po Internetowych Zabawkach dla dzieci.

Polski - Wikipedia - Wolna Encyklopedia - 81 000 + hasel.

Portugal Portugal

Atividades Educativas - Site Educativo para aprender brincando com jogos grátis.

Postalito - Os Postais dos Seus Sonhos.

Disney Portugal

Educare - O Primeiro Portal Português de Educação chegou ao ciberespaço no dia 15 de Junho.

Os Descobrimentos Portugueses - Nesta página poderá econtrar uma quantidade diversa de informação sobre os descobrimentos portugueses.

Português - Wikipedia- A enciclopédia livre - 63 000 + artigos.

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Cruz Roja Americana

Puerto Rico - Unicef USA

Puerto Rico - Red Cross

Saln Hogar - Ciencias, matemáticas, álgebra, cálculo, geometría, geografía, geología, astronomía, mapas, biología, salud, botánica, zoología...

Romania Romania

Goobix - Site interactiv care ofera jocuri, teste de personalitate si puzzle-uri atractive.

Russia Russia - Children's Painting. Masha Averina. Russian or English.

Выращивание овощей, фруктов, зелени, ягод и цветов

Data Express Online - Children.

Новости общества | Все регионы - News.

Virtual Kids - Choose to view in Russian or English. - Interactive childrens site.

Leningradsky Zoopark - On the site of Leningradsky Zoo you'll find interesting stories, wonderful photos and other information about animals.

Moscow Kremlin - Official Site of the Russian National Tourist Office.

Museums in Russia - A Large list.

St. Petersburg Central Children's Library, by the name of A. Pushkin. - Interactive portal for kids.

Check this out! Free flag clipart -

Travel Lang's Translating Dictionaries

WorldLingo - Translation, Localization, Globalization - French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese. Latin translation - Free translation.

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