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Red Ball

Iraq Iraq

Iraq who? - 7000 years of civilization, a thorough study of Iraqi culture and heritage...

Israel Israel

Archaeological Sites in Israel - An Introduction

Dolphin Reef Eilat - A group of Bottlenose dolphins, including babies born at the site, have made Dolphin Reef Eilat their home.

Galim - A site for children with educational programs and much more!.

The Israel Museum Website - Ancient and contemporary art from Jerusalem, Israel.

Weizmann Institute of Science

Italy Italy

Centro Diffusione Origami - L'arte di piegare la carta. Also in English. - Il posto migliore dove trovare informazioni sui Film Disney, Disneyland Paris, Disney Intercative, Topolino e Daily Blast in Italia!

Fuoriporta - luoghi da scoprire.

Gardaland - il parco divertimenti in Italia...

Italiano - Wikipedia - L'enciclopedia libera - 64 000 + articoli.

parco divertimenti n° 1 in Italia Gardaland - Gardaland il parco divertimenti in Italia, attrazioni, divertimento, spettacoli.

Pinocchio - Italiano English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol...

Japan Japan

Japan - Google News

Disney Japan - Books, USB, PCI, PCMCIA, Windows CE, Windows NT, Unix-Annabooks and Redbooks.

Japan Guide - A comprehensive, up to date information on traveling and living in Japan, first-hand from Japan.

MSN - Japan

Nintendo Japan

Origami Tanteidan - Japan Origami Academic Society.

O'Reilly - Japan.

Science Museum - Japan Science Foundation.

Yahoo - Japanese fortune telling.

Yahoo! - Japan Kids a search engine in Japanese.
JapaneseWikipedia in Japanese.

Korea North KoreaSouth Korea(Best viewed with Opera Browser)

Korea - Google News
EMPAS - Hangul - KOREAN LANGUAGE children's search engine! (Seoul, Hanguk) - Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development. Also in English.

Donga Kids -

Mauritius Mauritius

The Dodo - dodo n., an extinct flightless bird, once a native of the island of Mauritius. Discovered 1598, extinct by 1681.

Mexico Mexico

Mexico - Google News

Disney Latino

Check this out! Free flag clipart -

Travel Lang's Translating Dictionaries

WorldLingo - Translation, Localization, Globalization - French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese. Latin translation - Free translation.

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