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nu·mis·mat·ics ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nmz-mtks, -ms-, ny-)

(used with a sing. verb)

The study or collection of money, coins, and often medals.

Ancient Coins - A Dealer. Photos and values of ancient coins.

Ancient Chinese Coinage - Coinage of South-East Asia countries...

Ancient Coins - A Dealer. Photos and coin values.

Ancient Jewish coins - Ancient Israel, experience the history of Jerusalem and its numismatic past.

Ancient Roman and Greek Coins - Are there really genuine ancient coins?

Ancient Roman, Greek, and Byzantine Coins Reference for Attribution and Valuation.

ArmenStamp - Stamps and Banknotes of Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh...

Austin Rare Coins - Founded in 1989...

Bank of England Banknotes - The Bank of England has been issuing bank notes for over 300 years.

Banknotes of Africa, Mali, Guinea, Conakry, West African Banknotes, Currency, Numismatics.

Blackpool UK - A Dealer. Photos and values of coins from many countries.

Byzantine Coins - Byzantine Coinage, Chronological Index of Byzantine Rulers.

Coin and Currency Collections - University of Notre Dame Libraries. - Coin information free to all collectors of United States.

Coins and banknotes collection - Coins and banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina.

Currency - Live rates...

Dahlonega Gold Coins - The gold coins struck at the Dahlonega Georgia Mint during the years 1838-1861...

Euro Coins & Banknotes - The 12 stars of the European Union represent the dynamism and harmony between European nations.

Euro Coins & Euro Coin sets. - Index page of euro coin issues...

Eworld Banknotes - View banknotes by country.

German Series Notes Directory - This is a budding directory of German Series Notes (1917-1921).

International Monetary Fund - IMF and international monetary policy

International Monetary Fund - What in the World Is Money? - Banknotes of Iran.

Irish Coinage - Currency in use in Ireland from earliest times to the present day.

Jersey pound - The currency of the States of Jersey.

Magna Graecia Coins - Contains 1320 illustrated coin types (2830 images in total).

Monetary Mania - A quiz show about money...

Parthian Empire - History and Coins of Ancient Parthia.

Russian Rouble banknotes since 1961

Shipwreck Treasure Coins - Of El Cazador..

The Coins of Asia - Coins of Central Asia 600 BC to 1600 AD.

The Coin Page - The Coinpage provides images of coins, tokens, medals, elongateds, bullion products...

The US Mint's Site for Kids -The awesome history of coins and how the Mint makes money.

Trading Around the World - International trade touches us all.

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