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Jamaica - Jamaica gained full independence in 1962.

Jan Mayen - Norwegian-administered island, 600 km north of Iceland.

Japan - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Web Site.

Jarvis Island - Jarvis Island information.

Jersey - The main index page for JerseyWeb Jersey Channel Islands.

Johnston Atoll - Country Profile

Jordan - The World Factbook.

Juan de Nova Island - Country Profile.

Jordan - The World Factbook.

Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan.

Kenya - Kenya's All Africa.

Kingman Reef - Country Profile.

Korea, North - World Factbook....

Korea, South - World Factbook.....

Kuwait - Kuwait Country Profile.

Laos - Laos Country Profile.

Latvia - Latvia Country Profile.

Lebanon - Lebanon Country Profile.

Lesotho - Lesotho Country Profile.

Libya - Libya Country Profile.

Liechtenstein - Located between Switzerland and Austria.

Lithuania - Lithuania is the southernmost of the three Baltic States...

Luxembourg - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Macau - Macau Special Administrative Region of The People's Republic of China.

Madagascar - Country profile from the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Malawi - A Country Study.

Malaysia - Explore here and learn all about Malaysia.

Maldives - A Country Study.

Mali - African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Man, Isle of - Country Profile.

Marshall Islands - World Atlas.

Martinique - Country Profile.

Mauritania - Country Profile.

Mauritius - Government of Mauritius.

Mauritus - Ile maurice - Mauritius - Indian Ocean -, The Portal of Mauritius.

Mexico - Country Specific Information.

Micronesia - National Government of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

Middle East - The Resource for the Arab World in the Middle East and North Africa.

Midway Islands - 25 million years ago, a volcanic land mass emerged from the sea became Midway Atoll.

Moldova - Republica Moldova.

Monaco - An ancient principality steeped in a rich and colorful history...

Mongolia - World FactBook.

Montserrat - The Government of Montserrat ...

Morocco - The World Factbook.

Mozambique - Mozambique Information.

Namibia - Country Profile.

Nauru - The Government of Nauru.

Navassa Island - A Photographic Tour.

Nepal - Country Profile.

Netherlands - Information about the Netherlands and its people,...

Netherlands Antilles - Material about Kingdom of the Netherlands-Netherlands Antilles...

New Zealand - Government of New Zealand...

Nicaragua - Comprehensive historical and economic studies, political analysis, and social statistics...

Nigeria - Country profile from the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Norfolk Island - Official web site

Northern Mariana Islands - Saipan, Tinian, Rota...

Norway -, online travel guide for Norway and Scandinavia. es.

Nova Romana - Via Romana is the Roman Way of life.

Oman - Sultanate of Oman.

Pakistan - The World Factbook.

Palau - Official guide to Palau.

Palmyra Atoll - An equatorial atoll, a circular string of 54 small, heavily vegetated islets...

Palestinian State - InfoPlease guide to Palestinian State.

Panama - Its name means "abundance of fish and butterflies".

Papua New Guinea - Check out our facts and statistics site on Papua New Guinea.

Paracel Islands - Southeastern Asia, group of small islands and reefs in the South China Sea.

Paraguay - CiA - The World Factbook.

Peru - South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador.

Philippines - Information about the Philippines.

Poland - Official site.

Portugal - Information about the Portugal.

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