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Africa - A site with extensive travel information on Africa, with photos.

Africa News - Afrol News

Asia - Comprehensive travel information on Asian destinations.

Bermuda Triangle, The - What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Caribbean, The & The Bahamas

CIA World Factbook - The Official Central Intelligence Agency Web site for The World Factbook.

Country Studies: Area Handbook Series - Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress...

Europe - On-line travel guide to a growing variety of European countries.

GeoBee Challenge Online - Each day we'll post five new questions... - Learn about the earth.

Geographia Homepage - In-depth destination guides to over 75 countries....

Geography IQ - An online world atlas.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - A structured vocabulary of geographic names for indexing art and architecture.

How Far Is It? - Uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities...

Kids at - Games, contests, articles, and activities.

Latin America - This site features in-depth travel information on Latin America...

Quia! Geography World - Geography World - Plate Tectonics / Continental Drift.

Royal Observatory and Planetarium: A glance at its history and work by E. Walter Maunder F.R.A.S. - A statistical database which allows you to research and compare...

Types of Land - Land forms that comprise the United States.

U.S. Census

Utah History For Kids. Utah History Encyclopedia

World Monuments Map Puzzle - Learn world geography with a map that teaches.

Zoom School - An on-line elementary school classroom...

Green line

Afghanistan - Afghanistan was invaded and occupied by the Soviet Union in 1979.

All Africa - Stories from more than 70 African news organizations.

Africa - Directory to resources and links in Africa.

Albania - Albania country profile.

Algeria - A Comprehensive Look at the Country of Algeria...

Andorra - The Pyrenean Country - English Francais, Español and Catalá.

Angola - The Embassy of the Republic of Angola.

Anguilla - Anguilla Information Page.

Antarctica - Explore the scientific wonders of the Last Continent.

Antigua and Barbuda - Official Government Website.

Argentina - An introduction to Argentina.

Argentina - Patagonia, Gauchos, Tango and The Pampas.

Aruba - Guide to Aruba.

Australia - Guide to Australia from Charles Sturt University.

Bahamas - Just a hop off the coast of Florida lies the Bahamas.

Bahrain - Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bangladesh - History and geography, culture, language and literature.

Barbados - Visit and learn all about Barbados.

Bassas da India - Bassas da India Interactive Factbook...

Belarus - We would like to bring you knowledge of our beautiful homeland...

Belgium - Belgium is Europe in a nutshell, multicultural and multilingual.

Belize - Visit gorgeous mainland cities, towns, interior, meet friendly people!

Benin - Country profile from the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bhutan - Remote and rugged mountains...

Bhutan - Bhutan, or the Land of the Thunder Dragon...

Bolivia - A directory of information about Bolivia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Information from Infoplease.

Brazil - Take a virtual trip to Brazil.

British Virgin Islands - First settled by the Dutch in 1648....

Brunei Darussalam - The Prime Minister's Office Of Brunei Darussalam.

Bulgaria - Republic of Bulgaria.

Burkina Faso - African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Burma (Myanmar) - Nationa Geographic.

Burundi - Binevenue Au Coeur De L'Afrique. Welcome to the heart of Africa

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