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Nintendo - Official Home Page.

Nintendo Customer Service - Repair service options Warranty information...

Nintendo Europe - Avaliable in several languages.

Nintendo Power Source - The Official Nintendo Video Game Site.

The Unofficial word of Nintendo - Nintendo tips, codes, passwords...

Sony PlayStation

PlayStation - PlayStation Europe.


Sega - Official site with games info, news, an online store, tech support...

Sports - Youth Baseball, Baseball Boys & Majors and Softball.

National Amature Baseball Federation - Official Site.

NFL Play Football - Football games, fun facts about NFL players, football strategy....

PlayFootball, the NFL site for kids - Games, fun facts about NFL players and football strategy and positions.

PONY Baseball and Softball - Official site.

Sports Gaming Network - Source for PC, PSX, DC & N64 sports gaming.

Sports Illustrated for Kids - Online, Games, fantasy leagues, Buzz Beamer, cartoons, sports news and more.

Computer/Video Games

Battleship - From Hasbro Interactive.

Beast Wars - The newest Transformers, are here!

Cartoon Network Games

Doom - Official Game Site.

Hasbro, Inc. - Official Site.

LucasArts Entertainment Company - Official Game Site.

Pokmon - News about the video games, card games, books, comics, tv shows, and movies.

Pokmon The Movie - Warner Brothers site.

Super Smash Bros. - Moves, modes & stages, power-ups, hidden stuff, & smash tactics.

Tomb Raider - Official site...

Cartoon Network: Games - Cartoons from the past.

Clevercode - Laser Assault, Soccer. - Online educational games for kids...

Inner Works Enterprises, Inc. - A manufacturer of educational toys for children...

John's Word Search Puzzles: Kids Puzzles.

Kid's Safety - Safety games that teach how to lower risk of injury from sports and other activities.

Kids' Korner Network - Website for children, ages 0-12.

Kids' Place - Free games, activities, and resources for students...

KidsCom Jr. - Special site and games just for the little kids.

LEGO - Official site.

LEGO Action - Shockwave games based on your favorite LEGO toys!

Lil' Fingers Games - A computer storybook site for toddlers.

Lulu's Games - On line educational games for children in the age range 4-8.

Olympics Through Time - Learn about the history of the Olympic Games… - Educational games for elementary students. - A Fun, Interactive, and Educational way to learn. Flash site.

Rocket Snail - Games.

Scholastic Animorphs - The war between the Yeerks and the Animorphs is full on ...

Seussville - Visit Seussville. - Free on-line shockwave games for all ages.

Tales from the Billabong - Let us tell you about Australia...

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Games and Recreation - Games and Recreation Information...

USPTO Kids' - United States Patent and Trademark Office. Kid's section.

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