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Scrabble Word Finder - Word Tips. - Free Online Arcade Games; Action, Adventure, Racing, Sports . - A project of the National Association of State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs).

Wooden Toys - Handcrafted wooden toy trucks, trains and farm equipment.

Barbie - Activities and Games Online!

Beanie Babies & Buddies - Online.

Bubbletoonia -- Free Online Shockwave Flash Games.

Cabbage Patch, The - The Kids at home.

Discovery Channel - Tools for Everyday Adventures.

Disney - Where Magic Lives Online!

Disney - Online games for kids, activities and information on TV shows...

Free Arcade - 150+ Free online games, No log-ins, No signups...

Hot Wheels - Matel.

Leap Frog - Educational products...

MSN - Gaming Zone.

Pokmon World - Official site.

Prongo Games - Online games, fun and educational way to learn.

Radio Flyer - America's Little Red Wagon Since 1917.

Sesame Street - Work Shop.

Sesame Street - Visit PBS Kids Online.

The Station - Play gameshows, trivia games, word puzzles...

Toy Story - Toy Story,' the first completely computer-animated feature film from Disney and Pixar.

Walt Disney Dinosaurs - Disney Archives.

Crossword Puzzles

Astronomy for Kids - Crossword puzzles..

Puzzability - A puzzle-writing company.

The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

Vocabulary University® - Learn English vocabulary in context (grades 5-12) with free word puzzles.


ChessKIDS - Interactive chess instruction for kids.

Chess - Learn to play Chess.

EBD Kids Activities - Interactive and fun activities for kids 5 -14.

Flash Kit Arcade - Online Flash Shockwave Java games...

Fractions - Practice, equivalent, reducing, improper & mixed numbers, multiply & divide, add and subtract fractions. (flash 5)

Identifying Time - Compares radial time, the face of the clock, with digital time. (flash 5)

Learning is Fun - The basics. (flash 5)


Pokemon World - Official site from Nintendo features Pokemon news...

Pokemon Crafts - Free printable templates and instructions for Pokemon crafts.


Adrian Fisher's Maze Maker - Visit the master of mazes.

Maze Box - Here are many kinds of mazes. Careful or you will get lost.

Puzzlemaker - Discovery Schools.

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