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Fun & Favorites Cont:

Fisher-Price - Free online jigsaw puzzles of nature, animals, flowers, underwater, cartoons, NASA and fractals. More coming.

Funbrain - Games, software, activities, homework help, and more... - We offer tons of fun, creative activities, games, jokes, trivia, and you might even learn something! It's all here and it's all free!! We hope you enjoy our unique collection of interactive games.

Fun With Words - Edicated to amusing quirks, peculiarities, and oddities of the English language.

Games, Disney XD - Play Disney XD games and the best free online games for kids.

GirlStart - Educating girls in math, science and technology.

Goobo - Build-a-Monster, Build-a-Rocket, The Belch Page and Space Canvas.

Grey Labyrinth,The - Interactive puzzles and games.

Grossology - The Science of Really Gross Things. - Official Keith Haring website for children: fun interactive activities to inspire a love of learning and art, online books, authorized art shows, appropriate for children under 14.

Java Games - From

Just for Kids Only - An educational web site for children of all ages.

Keith Haring website for children - Fun interactive activities to inspire a love of learning and art, online books, authorized art shows, appropriate for children under 14.

Kidport Home Page -Offers multi-step programs to teach K-8 students.

Kids Can Have Fun - Printable Kids Activities, Paper Crafts, School Worksheets, Coloring Pages, Printable Games.

Kid's Heart, A - An online play and learn site with free resources for kids and their teachers.

Kids' Korner Network - Stories and songs, riddles and rhymes, puzzles and games, colouring pages, and more.

Kids' & Teens Page: Carnegie Library.

Kidz page - Free Kids Games, Colouring and More.

KidZone - Fun facts for kids, photos and printable activity worksheets. Suitable for Kindergarten through Grade 6.

Kidzworld - Online games, safe kids and teen chat rooms, message boards, polls, sports, fashion, music, reviews, news, homework help and more. - A user-friendly search engine specifically designed for everything related to pregnancy, parenting, child development, work-at-home parents, and young kids.

Kinetic City - Mission to Earth. Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Kino's Storytime - I know you've seen me in STORYTIME, but if you haven't, then you don't know what I look like in a pickle costume.

Leaping Match - The Fairy Tale Story of the Leaping Match is a retelling of the Folk and Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

Little Red Riding Hood - The story of the Little Red Riding Hood, one of the classic folk and fairy tales by Perreault.

Macmillan McGraw-Hill - Education Publisher.

Madder of Facts - Quizzes on facts that are good for kids to know. Perhaps you have taken "mad minute:" quizzes before. This site allows you to take them online.

McDonaldland - Make magic, color, and play games like McNugget Moonbounce and Sauce Splat with all your McDonaldland friends!

Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures - A free multimedia program for those interested in promoting environmental education for grades 4, 5 and 6.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - Mister Rogers Online Neighborhood and Activities.

Movies and Television  - KidsOLR entertainment.

Name That Candybar - Can you identify a candy bar by looking at the cross section?

National Geographic - For Kids.

Nature: Puzzles and Fun - Nature puzzles, videos, and postcards.

Neopets - Virtual Pet Community! Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more!

NGAkids - Helps children develop interpretive and analytical skills through interactive discussions of paintings and sculpture in the National Gallery of Art...

Northwest Youth Theater - A non-profit children's musical theater company featuring classes in music, drama, dance, and voice.

NOVA Online - Has dozens of sites to choose from. In case you're not sure where to start, we've selected some of the best sites we've created over the years.

NOVA: Decoding Nazi Secrets - Crack the ciphers, send a coded message, and find out what goes on in the minds of code-breakers.

Outdoor Kid's Network - Learn about nature, history, and recreation in Texas.

Papajan - Hooked on Phonics and Hooked on Math...

PBS - Web sites for more than 450 PBS television programs and specials...

PBS Kids - Coloring.

PBS Kids Coloring - Did you ever wonder how Arthur would look with a purple shirt?

Peanuts - Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Friends - Charles Schulz.

Pixar's Home Page! - Homepage for Pixar Animation Studios.

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