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Scrabble Word Finder - Word Tips.

Whack a Capsule Game (flash)

Disney A to Z

Play Station 2 Release Dates and News

PHC Games -Shockwave games including Sports, Arcade, Card, Multiplayer, Trivia, Extreme Sports

Light Up Your Brain - Is about inspiration, creativity, and the fun of being a kid.

YU-GI-OH! - Trading Card Game. In several languages.

Wizards of the Coast


1 bowl of CartoonSoup - Supplies you with original ecards, cartoons, puzzles, stories, flash and gif animations...

ABC Toon Center - In Italian, French, Espagno, English , German Menu and Russe. - Comics of the Web - Over 90 different cartoons.

Cartoon Network - Cartoons from the past...

Cartoons for Kids - by Dale Hale.

Chuck E. Cheese's - Fun-Net Home Page. - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams

F.F.F.B.I. - The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation.

Kid-Comics - The Club for Comic Book lovers...

Kids' WB! - What's New Scooby-Doo?, !Mucha Lucha!...

Rugrats, The - From

SpunkyTown - Animated cartoons.

The Official Peanuts Web Site - Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Friends, Charles Schulz.

The Smurfs - A wildly popular 80s cartoon.

ToonZone - Broadcast schedules, comic book archive, discussion forums...

Coloring & Crafts

Clay Animation and Stop Motion Animation - Interactive Tutorials, Instructions, Lessons and Examples. - Hundreds of free printable coloring pages for kids!

Disney Online - Activity Cente.

Download-a-Dinosaur - Easy to make designs for a dozen paper dinosaurs.

Happy Earth Day Coloring Book - EPA.

Hawaiian Endangered Animals

Jan Brett Coloring Pages

Kendra's Coloring Book - An interactive virtual coloring book...

KIDS STUFF - Free balloon animal instructions with Magical Balloon-dude Dale.

KidzPage - Free kids games, colouring pages and entertainment.

PBS Kids - Coloring.

PBS Kids: Arthur: Coloring Pages.

Pencil Pages - Learn how a pencil is made...

Safety Bear's Home Page - Children's Safety Tips from the Alaska State Troopers.

Slug & Humphrey - Coloring Book pages

Smokey Bear Color - Stanislaus National Forest.

The Crayon House - Hundreds of Free Printable coloring pages

The Superfund Kids Page - Educational activities for younger children.

TOPEX/Poseidon Coloring and Activity Book - The Center for Space Research (CSR) and the Texas Space Grant Consortium...

TPW Coloring Books - From Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Crafts - Origami

British Origami Society - The British Origami Society is a group devoted to the art of paper-folding.

Centro Diffusione Origami - L'arte di piegare la carta. Also in English.

Download-a-Dinosaur - Easy to make designs for a dozen paper dinosaurs.

Jim Plank's Origami Page (Modular)

K's_Origami - Step-by-step animations instructing origami models...

Marc Kirschenbaum's - Origami Page.

Origami Deutschland - In Deutsch or English.

Origami Tanteidan - Japan Origami Academic Society.

Tammy Yee's Origami Page- Easy paper folding crafts for children.

The Geometry Junkyard - The Japanese art of paper folding is obviously geometrical in nature.

Comics & Super Heroes

Batman - Warner Brothers.

Batman - The Animated Series.

Batman and Superman Adventures - Official site.

DC Comics - Doom Patrol, Star Trek, Justice League, and more.

Marvel Entertainment - Home of Spider-Man, the X-Men and More!

Superman - The New Batman-Superman Adventures.

Superman - DC Comics.

Superman Homepage - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Man of Steel and more!


Adobe Downloads - Free trial downloads.

Free Center's list of software - A list of hundreds of free software titles - these are completely freeware, no shareware or anything of the such.

Kinder Planet - Children's Software Download Library (Shareware, freeware and demos)

McAfee Communities - Share information and get help from other Consumer users... - Free mp3 downloads online cd jukebox MP3 music greeting cards.

TuKids Software Downloads

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