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  • Cheetah, Basic Facts - The fastest land animal in the world, the cheetah is a marvel of evolution. The cheetah's slender, long-legged body is built for speed. Learn about Cheetahs.
  • Cheetah Spot - Cheetah, n. a cat, Acinonyx jubatus, of southwestern Asia and Africa, resembling a leopard but having certain doglike characteristics, often trained for hunting deer, antelopes, etc.
  • Cheetah Spot, The - PBS presents, everything you need to know about one of the fastest creatures on earth!.
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo -...where thousands of animals from 7 continents roam the Zoo's 165 rolling wooded acres and 2 indoor acres of tropics...
  • Columbus Zoo - To promote awareness and understanding of the interdependence of the natural world.
  • Cyber Tiger @, build a zoo enclosure.
  • Critter Connection - SNAKES! Thirty five original pages where you can see over 250 graphic images.
  • Crocodile Hunter - Check out the official site of the TV show Crocodile Hunter and the Australia Zoo.
  • Florida Museum of Natural History - Understanding, preserving and interpreting biological diversity and cultural heritage...
  • Dallas Zoo - Learn about different areas of the zoo and their featured attractions.
  • Detroit Zoological Institute - Home of the National Amphibian Conservation Center.
  • Discovery Animal Planet - Explore the animal world at Animal Planet.
  • DLC-ME | The Microbe Zoo - The Microbe Zoo is an educational resource about ecology and microbiology.
  • Drusillas Park - Official website, Alfriston, East Sussex
  • Dublin Zoo - Zoological Society of Dublin was founded in 1830 with animals supplied by London Zoo. Visit and learn of its fascinating 100 + year history.
  • Edinburgh Zoo - Recognised as one of the world's leading zoos. Part of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.
  • Fort Worth Zoo - Explore animal exhibits with photos, check out the Delta kids page for facts, coloring, and fun, or learn about animal adoption.
  • Georgia Wildlife
  • Henry Doorly Zoo - A world class zoo that promotes conservation awareness and exciting recreational opportunities.
  • Henry Vilas Zoo (Henry Vilas Zoological Society) - Henry Vilas Zoo, located in Madison, Wisconsin is free to the public, open year-round and supported by The Henry Vilas Zoological society.
  • Honolulu Zoo - Aloha! E Komo Mai ("Come In")
  • - A natural wonderland filled with 800+ rare and exotic creatures.
  • JungleWalk - Animal Video, Animal Audios, Animal Sound, bird audio, bird video, Animal Videos, wildlife video, animal posters.
  • Lincoln Park Zoo! - A leader in wildlife conservation, community education and recreation.
  • Lion Conservation Fund - located in the Samburu District in northern Kenya.
  • Los Angeles Zoo - Visit the Red Ape rain forest.
  • Memphis Zoo - Preserves wildlife through education, conservation and research.
  • Michigan, Detroit Zoo - The Detroit Zoological Society is a non-profit organization that operates the Detroit Zoo and Belle Isle Nature Zoo.
  • Monarch Watch - Dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research.
  • Montgomery Zoo - Complete with 500 animals representing over 150 species - all in a barrier free, natural environment and divided into continents featuring Australian, Asian, African, and North American realms.
  • Nashville Zoo - Wildlife from across the globe, including the Unseen New World, Grassmere Historic Farm, and other select species representing Africa, Asia, and North and South America.
  • National Zoo - Take virtual tours of our exhibits, watch videos or movies, listen to lectures, and browse our animal photo gallery.

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