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Fun & Favorites Cont:

  • - A Fun, Interactive and Educational way to learn for kids.
  • RealPrinces - The story of the Real Princess, or the Princess and the Pea, is one of the classic folk and fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Research Process Helper - Do you have a research task you need to get done? Try the 4 Research Steps to success on this site.
  • Scholastic Central - Scholastic is a global children’s publishing and media company.
  • Scholastic's The Magic School Bus - Teachers, Kids, Parents, Books and Software.
  • Sea World - Animal Information Database.
  • Sea-Battle - Online Sea Battle by Barend Gehrels.
  • SecRet MeSsAgEs foR Kids OnLy !
  • Sheppard Software - States Web Games. Learn the locations, capitals, abbreviations and over 500 important facts about our 50 states.
  • Shy Kids - Information about shyness and advice for kids, teens (and parents) on making friends, building confidence.
  • Sports Illustrated For Kids - We aim to create a fun, safe environment for kids, filled with some of the best news, games, and interactive features on the Internet.
  • Squigly's Playhouse - Games, jokes & riddles, arts & crafts, colouring pictures, poems, brain teasers, e-cards, and a quick poll.
  • - An Unofficial Tribute to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.
  • The Exploratorium - The museum of science, art and human perception.
  • The Kidz Page - Free Kids Games, Colouring and More from!
  • The Natural Child Project - Multiple-award-winning site on parenting and education that respects children.
  • The Poetry Zone - An inter-active poetry website for children. It also contains poems by well-known children's poets and a wealth of educational material for teachers.
  • The Trivia Portal - Trivia site with over 170,000 trivia questions, trivia games and quizzes!
  • The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - There is a ton of information, cool science experiments, yucky body facts, and also information about worms and bugs.
  • - Recreations for active minds: games, puzzles, math, words, images, books, software, web guide.
  • Time For Kids -- from the creators of TIME magazine - brings the latest news of the world to you...
  • Tim's - Interactive Puzzle Solution Center.
  • Tomorrowland - a spaceport where your imagination lands each day to glimpse otherworldly wonders, embark on fantastic voyages, and witness the pioneering of the human spirit.
  • ToyTheater - A play area with games, puzzles, and interactive toys, be creative with the doodle pad, play a tune with the piano puppet, or laugh at some monster jokes.
  • - 2001 TVOntario.
  • Tweenies - Join the fun foursome for games, makes, stories and many more great things to do. Content in this website is underpinned by Early Learning Goals.
  • Warner Brothers - Find your favorite entertainment news, movies, TV listings, movie trailers, movie clips, showtimes , box office, animated cartoons, music and enter for a contest.
  • Warner Brothers - Scooby Doo.
  • Warner Brothers - Looney Toons.
  • Winnie the Pooh - Everything you always wanted to know about Winnie the Pooh and friends
  • Winnie the Pooh - The Official Homepage at Disney.
  • Wizards of the Coast - Magic, trading card games, dungeons, dragons, pokemon, legend of the five rings, mlb showdown, harry potter, and more.
  • - The latest tecKNOWLEDGEy on the Web.
  • Yahoo Games - A free gaming club featuring the largest collection of free multiplayer games on the Internet.
  • Yahoo! Kids - Kids Games, Kids Movies, Kids Music, and More.  

Music for Fun

  • Keeper's Cartoon Files - The source of nearly all commonly requested info for Kids' WB!
  • KIDiddles (TM) - Offers the lyrics to hundreds of children's songs and lullabies, as well as stories, games, contests and other fun stuff!
  • Meeka and Her Cool Cousins - Children's Music Award winning 8-year-old Meeka and Her Cool Cousins Official Web site.
  • MTV - Source for music and MTV information online.

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