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  • BT - Official site.
  • Burton, Gary - Vibraphonist Gary Burton Website.
  • Cake - Cake Music Company.
  • Cardigans - Official site.
  • Carter, Deana - Official site.
  • Cash, Johnny - Official site.
  • Cash, June Carter - IMDB.
  • Catherine Wheel - Official site.
  • Charles, Ray - I'm delighted you've come to explore my Website and I hope you have just as much fun here as we had creating it for you.
  • Chesney, Kenny - Official site includes a personal message from Kenny.
  • Chesnutt, Mark - Official site.
  • Chieftains, The - Fan site.
  • Clapton, Eric - Returns with Reptile.
  • Cline, Patsy - The Patsy Cline Committee of the Winchester-Frederick County Chamber of Commerce is committed to perpetuating the memory of Patsy Cline.
  • Coldplay - Official site.
  • Columbia Records - Official site.
  • Confederate Railroad - Official site, check out the tour dates to see if the band is performing near you.
  • Copeland, Shemekia - Aligator Artists.
  • Cornell, Chris - Official site.
  • Corea, Chick - Official Website including Chick's biography, complete discography, tour schedule, music awards and photos!
  • Counting Crows - Official site.
  • Cranberries, The - Official International Site. Features the latest news, biography, pictures, discography, and contacts.
  • Creed - Official site.
  • Creeper Lagoon - Come say hello on our brand new Message Board! Or You can visit our new Photos and Movies sections!
  • Cure, The - Roger, Robert, Jason, Simon, and Perry.
  • Dandy Warhols, The - Official site.
  • Daniels, Charlie - Official site.
  • Danzig - Official Danzig Website.
  • Dave Matthews Band - Official Dave Matthews Band Website.
  • Davis, Linda - Official site.
  • Day, Jennifer - Official site.
  • Dayne, Taylor - Official site offers a picture gallery, fan reviews, message board, lyrics and tour information.
  • Dean, Billy - Official site.
  • Dead Prez - From Sony Music.
  • Def Leppard - The official site, providng confirmed news, updates from the band, multimedia files, lyrics, and discography.
  • Depeche Mode - Official site containing news, a discography, lyrics, tour information, pictures, and audio/video files.
  • Destiny's Child - Rarely have beauty, brains and talent been served up in such generous helpings as with the Houston-based foursome.
  • Diffie, Joe - Official site.
  • Disturbed - Official site.
  • Dixie Chicks, The - Official site.
  • Dodd, Deryl - Official site, audio, bio, news, tour info, photos and Fan Club.
  • Dr. Dre - Audio, message boards, images, tour news, merchandise - The Official Dr Dre site.
  • Duke, George - Official site.
  • Duran Duran - The official Duran Duran website.
  • Dylan, Bob - Official site at Sony.
  • Earle, Steve - Official site.
  • ECM Records - Official site.
  • Einsturzende Neubauten - Official site
  • Electrasy - The official Electrasy site.
  • Elliott, Alecia - Site at MCA Records Nashville.
  • Epic Records - Official site.
  • Estefan, Gloria - The Offical Fan Club Site, with biography, photos and more.
  • Etheridge, Melissa - Official site with news, biography, tour and club info, discography, and free e-mail.
  • Evans, Sara - Official site.
  • Eve 6 - Official site.
  • Everlast - Official Site: Eat At Whitey's.
  • Ferry, Bryan - The Official Bryan Ferry Website.
  • Fink, Cathy - Official site.
  • Flatts, Rascal - Official site.
  • Fleck & The Flecktones, Bla - Official site.
  • Foo Fighters - News, Foo Community, Music, Videos, Apparel, Accessories, Auctions, FAQ, Tour Dates, Foocyclopedia, Black Box and Collectibles!
  • Fountains of Wayne - All FoW...all the time! The official FoW website. exclusive MP3's, video's, and tons of cool merchandise.
  • Fourplay - Official site.
  • Frampton, Peter - The Official Peter Frampton site - discography, history, news, sound clips, photos and more.
  • Fu Manchu - Includes news, biography, lyrics, pictures, reviews and a garage sale.
  • Furtado, Nelly - Official site of the Victoria, BC singer/songwriter includes album info, biography, and picture gallery.
  • Gabriel, Peter - Official site includes biography, discography, FAQ, and tour information.
  • Garbage - Official site.
  • Gill, Vince - Welcome to the official site of country superstar Vince Gill!
  • Gillman, Billy - Official site.
  • Great Divide, (The) -
  • Gregory , Adam - Official site.
  • Grey, Yankee - Official site.
  • Griggs, Andy - Official site.
  • Iglesias, Enrique - Official site.
  • In Extremo - Official site.
  • Incubus - Official site includes news, discography with sound samples, biography and tour dates.
  • Insane Clowns Posse's - Bizzar Bizaar Website.
  • Interscope Records - Official site.
  • Island Records - Official site.
  • INXS - INXS news, music, videos, photos and info direct from the band.
  • Iron Maiden - The band's official page with album information, song clips, biographies, fan information and art, and news.
  • Jackson, Alan - Platinum recording artist, Alan Jackson on Arista Records. Official Web site.
  • Janet Jackson - Step behind The Velvet Rope and experience song clips and video of Janet talking about what The Velvet Rope means to her.
  • Jackson, Joe - This is Joe Jackson's own website.
  • Jars of Clay - Essential/Silvertone recording artists Jars of Clay.
  • Joel, Billy - Billy Joel's Official Web Page at Columbia Records.
  • John, Elton - The official Elton John website. Find the latest news, tour information, merchandise, and regular video updates from Elton himself.
  • Jones, Rickie Lee - "Her music is the aural equivalent of painter Georgia O'Keefe's most rigorous and beautiful canvases."

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